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Below you can read through answers to frequently asked questions or refer to the Parent Handbook.

Why should my child attend EYC?


We are committed to providing safe, high quality enrichment opportunities that support students' learning and development. The program administers after school arts programming, offers field trips that allow exploration of new interests, provides homework assistance and academic instruction in reading and math, engaged students in special projects, and more. We hope to give your student a chance to explore and develop their talents while gaining critical skills for their future.


Where does EYC operate?


EYC operates at six Muscogee County schools and two Boys and Girls Clubs. These include Brewer Elementary, Dawson Elementary, Dorothy Height Elementary, Kendrick High School, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary, St. Mary's Elementary Magnet Academy, East Boys & Girls Club, and "The Club"/Teen Center Boys & Girls Club.


Who can enroll in EYC?


We accept students whose academic performance is below grade level, who do not meet state standards on tests, who have failing grades in one or more subjects/classes, and/or students needing social or enrichment services. Through our programming, we hope to increase students' achievements in math, reading, and ELA; decrease disciplinary problems in school; reduce exposure to gang activity, sexual activity, and drug and alcohol use; and reduce referrals to the juvenile court system.


How do I enroll my child in EYC?


We share applications at individual sites at the beginning of the school year. After applications are submitted, EYC will reach out to the school for some information then call guardians to confirm if EYC is a good fit.  All enrolled students are accepted over the phone by the EYC office.  Students may not start attending the program until confirmation from the EYC office.  Applications can also be submitted throughout the year, and the student applying will be placed on a waitlist. Your child can then be added to the program on a first come first serve basis as other EYC students move, change schools, etc. Blank applications are always available at the school's front office and with the Head Tutor at each site.  Our online application is also available HERE.


What will my child be doing each day at EYC?


Here is a basic rundown of what your child's time in EYC will look like at MCSD elementary locations (Kendrick is similar just on a later time frame due to being released from school later):

2:30-3:10pm Attendance, snack, hands on academic activities, and restroom

Students split into two groups:

3:10-4:10pm Group 1: Homework assistance/tutoring, Group two: Arts Enrichment Activity
(may include but not limited to dance, visual art, robotics, music, culinary arts)

4:10-5:10pm Groups switch and Homework assistance/tutoring and Arts Enrichment Activity continue

5:10-5:30pm Full group meeting and recreation

5:30pm Parent Pickup Begins


How will my child get home from EYC?


You or an authorized adult from the application will pick up your child at 5:30pm for elementary locations or 6:30pm for Kendrick High School. Prior written permission with the person's name and telephone number is required if someone other than the authorized persons listed on their application will be picking up the child. The authorized person will be required to show a picture ID and sign the child out on the appropriate sign out sheet. Keep in mind that EYC does not run on MCSD early release days or no school days except for specially scheduled events. 



How does EYC manage discipline?


We want your child to have fun at EYC, and our staff is encouraged to use positive reinforcement and management methods to handle classroom behavior. Staff will then go through a system of warnings, including verbal and written warnings to address the situation. Severe violations, especially violations that harm another person or property, may call for immediate suspension/dismissal, however guardians will be notified prior to any dismissal decision.  Students with repeated behavior showing no improvement will then have a meeting with guardians, EYC site staff, and EYC Leadership.  It is our goal to formulate a plan that works for the student, guardians, and staff for all students to improve and succeed. 


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