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We operate at four Muscogee County schools and two Boys & Girls Clubs. See below for each site's application, staff, emergency preparedness plans, newsletters, and photos. You can read more about the quality of our program in our Formative Assessment for Fiscal Year 2019.

Dawson Elementary

Head Tutor: Angela Turbeville

Program Assistants:  Jordan Carter and Joshua Lanier

Teaching Artists:
Rachel Fricks (Sewing),
Alex Brown Pineda (Spanish), Hiram Johnson (Science), Epiphany Jackson (Culinary Arts)

East Boys and Girls Club

Head Tutor: Teresa DeFlorimonte Stewart

Teaching Artists:
Brandon Long (STEAM)

St.Mary's Magnet Academy

Head Tutor: LaDonna Burke

Program Assistants: Raina Brown and Mary Kubik

Teaching Artists:
Alex Brown Pineda (Spanish), Epiphany Jackson (Culinary Arts),
Hiram Johnson (Science)

"The Club" Teen Center

Head Tutor: Nicole Miller

Teaching Artists:
Mike Corrick (art),
James Decker (calligraphy/ visual art),
DyShunda Peterson (visual art)

Brewer Elementary

Head Tutor: Learwinson Jackson

Program Assistants: Destiny Garnigan and Shenaka Gilliard

Teaching Artists:
Rachel Fricks (Sewing),
Epiphany Jackson (Culinary Arts), Syd Dali (Robotics)

Dorothy Height Elementary

Head Tutor: Brandi Schleter

Program Assistants: Cenetra Kersellius and Kendra Mobley

Teaching Artists:
Syd Dali (Robotics),
Cindy Key (Cosmetology),
DyShunda Peterson (visual art),
Alex Brown Pineda (Spanish)

Brewer October Newsletter

Brewer November Newsletter

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Enrollment Form/Application


Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary

Head Tutor: Tray Jefferson

Program Assistants: Treasure Davis and India Winston

Teaching Artists:
DyShunda Peterson (visual art),
Hiram Johnson (Science),
Rachel Fricks (Sewing),
Kent Horton (Gardening)

Kendrick High School

Head Tutor: Kyra Forbes

Program Assistants: Cleophus Hope

Teaching Artists:
Epiphany Jackson (Culinary Arts), Syd Dali (Robotics),
Cindy Key (Cosmetology),
Mike Corrick (Visual Art)

Kendrick October Newsletter

Kendrick November Newsletter

Emergency Preparedness Plan

Enrollment Form/Application


On Site:   M-Th 2:00-6:00

In Office: M-Th 9:00-2:00, F 9:00-5:00


4225 University Ave Columbus, GA 31907

Elizabeth Bradley Turner Center Rm 203


Tel: 706-507-8437