Empowered Youth of Columbus

Empowered Youth of Columbus is an after school program founded to enrich the lives of at-risk students in the Columbus, Georgia area through arts and education. Our mission is to provide quality academic and arts enrichment programming in a safe, caring environment to at-risk youth in our community. We strive to provide activities for our students through a network of public and private partnerships. Current partnerships include the Muscogee County School District, the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus, The Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and the Georgia Department of Juvenile Justice.


Our program seeks to provide:

  1. Academic enrichment and support in core subject readiness and success.

  2. Social-cognitive skill development to reduce indicators for future criminal activity.

  3. Educational activities for the entire family that will promote future achievement and success.


"A student was being negative about her work and would often say, "I'm not smart!" or "I don't want to be good!" She was reluctant to learn. Then, I found out that she couldn't read. I decided to pool together the few kids who couldn't read and created the learning table. I assigned her a simple 5 page book, went over the book with her, and asked her to write out the words daily. It's been a week, and she now takes great care with the book, reads it aloud, and writes all the words on her paper without any nudging. I don't hear the negativity anymore. All I get is a big grin when I tell her that she should be so proud of herself for being able to read all by herself. Talk about a transformation in attitude!"

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